Sealcoating, Crack Sealant, Asphalt Repair & More

The proper maintenance of an asphalt parking lot is important to your property. If you are a business owner, maintenance manager, or property manager you know the importance of maintaining various aspects of your business. For example you wouldn’t let equipment, machines, and vehicles for your company go without the proper maintenance. However the proper care of the parking lot is often neglected. The saying “If it’s not broke don’t fix it” is often used or the parking lot usually ends up on the bottom of the repair list. The question I ask is why wait until your parking lot is in such a state of disrepair that the only option is to resurface the entire parking lot? A properly sealed parking lot will cost LESS over the life of the asphalt than a parking lot where only parking lines and markings have been restriped. Although it may be more work now to get quotes and schedule the work. In the long run it is financially beneficial and worthwhile to have us maintain your parking lot with sealcoating and striping rather than having to repave an entire unmaintained lot. We have the equipment and expertise to maintenance your asphalt big or small. We use a 700 gallon Seal-Rite pressurized spray unit to apply our sealer (pictured below).

Sealer Truck

This unit is small enough to maneuver into the tightest of parking lots yet well equipped to service the largest of jobs as well.


We use Sealmaster brand coal tar sealer or poly modified coal tar sealer for all of your commercial asphalt maintenance needs. Sealmaster is a name synonymous with quality among sealcoating contractors. However we will use the sealer of your choice if you prefer. When we put the sealer in our tanks it is in a concentrated form. 30% water may be added to the sealer concentrate for coal tar sealer and only a few gallons of water per 100 gallons of concentrate for poly modified coal tar to aid in mixing. The major difference between poly modified and regular coal tar is that the modified sealer has a higher percentage of solids resulting in a more durable sealer. Also the modified sealer does not require as much water to be added which means our customers get more sealer on their asphalt and less water. We NEVER add more than the recommended amount of water to our sealer simply because it results in a less durable sealer and an unhappy customer when the sealer wears prematurely.

Working Around Traffic

Work can be done in sections or when the business is closed – whatever is best for the customer!

Number of Coats

Two coats of sealer are applied to most of our commercial jobs. This second coat is important to the sealer standing up to the amount of traffic on the parking lot. A third coat is applied to the “main drive” in some instances. If there is excessive buildup of sealer then only one coat will be applied. Be sure when comparing quotes to check how many coats will be applied to be sure you are comparing “apples to apples.”


Sand is power agitated at a rate of two pounds per gallon. More sand may be added if the surface is smooth. This aids in traction when the asphalt is wet. All of our commercial jobs have certain additives mixed in with the sealer to aid in drying time so traffic can resume as quickly as possible. These additives also help the sealer to have a rich black finish when dry, increase the durability, and allow for a more even distribution of sand in the sealer.

Surface Preparation

The asphalt must be free of any debris before it can be sealed or the sealer will wear prematurely. To accomplish this we use a combination of tools to ensure a clean working surface weed eaters are used to trim excess grass. Also, brooms and shovels are used to remove any heavy debris. Additionally, in rare occasions we use a street sweeper to remove extremely heavy debris. Finally, heavy duty push blowers are used as a final step in surface preparation. If crack sealing is to be done it will be completed after the asphalt is free from debris

Crack Sealant

Cracks are not only a sore sight to look at but they also will cause further damage to occur. Unsealed cracks allow water to get under the asphalt and as water freezes and thaws it expands and contracts causing damage to your parking lot over time. The most effective way to prevent this from happening is to have your cracks sealed using rubberized hot pour crack sealant made also by Sealmaster applied to your cracks. First debris from the cracks is removed and then we use a propane fueled crack bander to seal off the length of cracks that are quoted. This material sinks deep into the crack to ensure it is sealed off from any moisture. This process will not “level off” or make cracks disappear. The main purpose is to prevent moisture from penetrating the surface. The improved look is simply a byproduct. The pictures below will give you a better idea what the finished product will look like. While this material is rubberized as the crack continues to become larger (and they will even on a properly maintained lot) the cracks will have to be re-sealed to continue to prevent moisture from penetrating.

Asphalt Repair

We are a full service asphalt maintenance company and with that we are set up to repair any defective area on your parking lot large or small. Pot holes and large dips are a nuisance and a liability to the property owner and should be repaired properly. We use one of two methods to repair those unsightly areas: The first and most cost effective is to apply a binding agent to the perimeter of the area and simply overlay the area with a coat of hot mix asphalt. The second is more expensive and isn’t applicable in every repair. This method involves saw cutting the area and removing the asphalt. After that a layer of hot mix asphalt is installed. Although there is additional cost to this method it is the most durable and provides the best look aesthetically.


Proper markings for your parking lot are essential for letting your customers know where to park, which direction to go, which spots are handicap, etc. We at Foothills Sealcoating & Striping are capable of re-striping an existing parking lot, layout and striping of a new parking lot, and changing the layout of an existing parking lot. We are also up to date on the latest Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines to keep your parking lot compliant. We use only the highest quality ultra-fast drying Sherwin Williams traffic paint to reduce the down time for your parking lot. It is available in a wide variety of colors to meet all of your traffic marking needs. Below is a sample of the type of work that we do so you know what to expect when the job is complete.

Drying time

Drying time can vary widely depending on the temperature, humidity, and amount of sunlight. We can turn traffic back on your lot as soon as a few hours if temperatures permit. This is not ideal but can be done if absolutely necessary. Otherwise a general guideline is to stay off the lot 12 to 24 hours. In most situations we can schedule the work at a time which will allow maximum time for proper drying and curing. We understand the importance of your business and will work to complete the job in a manner that will cause the least amount of inconvenience.