Frequently Asked Questions About Sealcoating

Do you offer a warranty on your work?

We offer a one year warranty for both our residential and commercial customers.

Will I still be able to see the cracks on my driveway after sealcoating only?

Yes you will still be able to see the cracks. Asphalt sealer is not meant for sealing cracks.

How long does it take for sealer to dry and cure?

It should be dry to the touch within a few hours. However to cure enough to drive on it will take 24 hours depending on various weather conditions. On parking lots we use additives to decrease this time so we can open the lot sooner.

How long will your sealer last?

Three to four years. The sealer will not be completely worn off by then usually, only where there is heavy traffic. It will last longer on a driveway/parking lot that has been previously sealed.

How many coats of sealer do you apply?

Typically, we apply one coat on a residential driveway and usually two coats on a Commercial parking lot.

Will crack sealing make my cracks disappear?

No it will not. Although the look of the driveway is improved you will still be able to see an impression of your larger cracks. This happens when the material contracts slightly when the temperature cools from 350 degrees F to surface temperature.

Will my cracks stop getting larger?

No they will continue to grow. However moisture will be stopped from penetrating below the asphalt where it will cause further damage.